Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Continuing Appeasement of China

     A piece by Anne Applebaum in the Washington Post makes some excellent points about the foreign policy of China. Pat Buchanan takes a similar but harder line at Chronicles. Both have drawn a trend line through actual Chinese conduct, such as the recent trawler incident with Japan, and come to sobering conclusions. Not surprisingly, Buchanan even takes on the free traders, and he may be perfectly right to do so.

     Whatever the ultimate aims of the PRC, the rest of the world would do well to prepare for the worst (even as we hope for the best). Some people are so afraid of conflict that they refuse to look at evidence tending to prove an unpleasant claim. On the other hand, many are misled by inexperience into projecting their own harmlessness onto other people. This is a charming naïveté when it happens in college, but a serious danger when policy-makers (whether pacifists on the Left or free traders on the Right) make the same mistake with manifestly aggressive regimes. Appeasement is the name.

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  1. On the whole, I think (relatively) free international trade is our best guarantee of peace. I don't think the Chinese leaders are stupid - and it would be very stupid of them to put at risk the rise in power and influence which their economic successes have brought. Patriotism is a good thing but when the balance changes, it can morph into something bad. Some Chinese inevitably will show evidence of a new ugly nationalism as they see their country's status rise; and there is also danger, I think, of a new ugly nationalism in the US. But, overall, I think we are moving into a world where allegiances are becoming more complex - maybe this is not such a bad thing.