Wednesday, October 20, 2010

British Also Demonstrate Over Budget Cuts

     As a bit of an update to the theme from the last post, it seems budget cuts in the UK are also causing protests. Some of the signage is worthy of the most histrionic of the American Left, calling even the Lib Dem Business Secretary a “Nazi” and “666.” See it at the Guardian.

     So, that’s one more example. Civic virtue demands self-reliance and shared sacrifice. Three generations of public assistance are quite enough to create the sense of entitlement and to kill any expectation that one can pull one’s own weight, much less that one should. The old saying went like this: “Necessity is the mother of invention.” By shielding everyone from necessity, the socialist welfare state kills invention.

     The American tradition of pioneer spirit and immigrant toughness is precious. If the United States really is an exceptional country, it is largely because of that tradition. For a long time now, however, Americans have been told “it’s not your fault” and “you’re entitled” and “the government should do something.” Name a recent disaster when there was not a call for government aid. This is not to say such aid is unwarranted. But when people expect help as a matter of course, when they demand it, when they fire all the artillery of guilt and entitlement, we know at least that they are different from their grandparents. The grasping and the demanding will never overcome their limitations. They will never know achievement. They will never be free.

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