Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanks for the Sound, at Least

     The shelling by North Korea of a South Korean island on Tuesday has confirmed the intransigence of the North Korean regime, the irresolution of the United States and South Korea, and the realpolitik agenda of the People’s Republic of China.  As reported in The New York Times, the response by the U.S. and South Korea has been words, not action:  “‘North Korea’s artillery stronghold should have been destroyed three minutes after the attack,’ said one lawmaker, Song Kwang-ho. ‘South Korea’s air force sallied forth but did not attack. The gong sounded, and it’s too late now. Where were our resolute measures?’”  While we can all be thankful on this Thanksgiving that our 1953 cease-fire remains in effect, at least on our side, the civilized world has little realistic hope that North Korea will respond to any argument not made with high explosives.  And the failure of both South Korea and the U.S. to have made such an argument by now reveals the insignificance of the bluster coming from Seoul and the blather coming from Washington.  They amount to sound without fury.  They signify nothing, apart from weakness of will.  They foretell nothing except the continuing appeasement of both North Korea and China.  We can be thankful if this record of weakness does not encourage the Iranian regime and its ilk.

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