Sunday, December 12, 2010

Final Post

     This past week I received unexpected but welcome news about the next year and a half.  The time required for this new job will leave no room for keeping a blog, and the nature of the work precludes publishing my political opinions (even in anonymity, which is never very secure on the Internet).  So, I must close RESPVBLICA.

     It’s not the first blog killed by a promotion.  Based on the Google stats, it was off to a great start.  Having begun it in frustration at a judicial opinion, I end wistfully, with many things left unwritten.  There was to be, for instance, a series on the differences between what I consider moral relativism (anything goes) and consensus morality (the judgment of historical majorities).

     The wonderful comments and offline correspondence with readers have helped sharpen my views.  I also feel that I have met new friends, as much as that is possible between Internet correspondents.  If the blog has a legacy, I hope it will be the Skeptical Conservatives affiliation.  There is a real need for such a group.  In the interest of supporting its work, I’ll maintain the video on an otherwise quiescent RESPVBLICA YouTube channel.

     This page, too, will remain online for a while.  Courtesy demands an explanation to regular readers.  Once the pageview count declines to the point it seems you’ve all gotten the word, I’ll delete the whole blog.

     For me, this next 18 months will be demanding.  Afterward, perhaps there will be time to return to the blogosphere, both writing my own blog and reading the great work of the other Skeptical Conservative web sites.  If so, then this space may be filled again.  In the meantime, let me make one last plea for Americans not to discard all their traditions in the pursuit of superficial happiness.

—CONSVLTVS, 12 December 2010.
E-mail:  consvltvs [at] gmail [dot] com


  1. Sorry to hear you'll be unable to continue here, but all the best with your new job. I hope our paths will cross again. Thanks for reading and commenting on my site and for initiating the Skeptical Conservatives. And have a happy Christmas!

  2. Sorry to see the blog go Consvltvs - but well done on the promotion. Keep in touch,

  3. BUMMER! All the best ... I'm sure you will continue to read us.

  4. We at The Atheist Conservative are also sorry that you are ending Respvblica.

    Thank you for launching the Skeptical Conservative club idea.

    Please visit us if you have time. Your comments are always welcome.

    Good luck be with you. Keep the rationality.