Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Whew! Thank Goodness the US is Not Hedonistic

     Somewhat in reply to T. Paine’s comment on the last post, it occurred to us that we Americans are not hedonists, and here is the proof. Thank goodness...

...we are so thrifty that practically everyone could manage three months of unemployment;

...hardly anyone is overextended on credit cards;

...we didn’t recently bid up housing prices with easy credit, resulting in a foreclosure frenzy;

...the bankruptcy rate is falling like water, not rising like smoke from a bonfire;

...we never demand more from our government than the government can afford;

...pornography has not exploded across the internet;

...in fact, there is no recession-proof pornography industry;

...most young women save themselves for marriage;

...most young men respect the women who save themselves for marriage;

...hardly anyone has an affair anymore, and the divorce rate is low;

...illegitimacy is not a problem;

...STDs are not a problem;

...abortions are unknown among us;

...like chastity, sobriety is “cool at school” and alcoholism among college students is rare;

...the few students who do become alcoholic usually find the strength to kick the habit early;

...the rate of drug abuse among young people is in decline;

...effectively no young women turn to prostitution to pay for a drug habit;

...hardly any young men turn to theft to pay for a drug habit;

...there are no life-long drug addicts subsisting on welfare;

...rising test scores prove that students don’t waste their time with television or computer games;

...gluttony is disappearing, along with those vanishing 24/7 fast-food restaurants;

...the fast-food places that remain are closing their drive-through windows;

...lifestyle diseases are in decline; and

...we do not have a national crisis of obesity.

Whew! Just think of all the problems we’ve avoided by overcoming our hedonistic nature. Winning!


  1. Dang! And I thought I was cynical! :)

  2. I once knew a natural Stoic of a man who said, of certain people he met, "Well, they never would have made it going West." He took a dim view of people he thought of as self-indulgent (pretty much the whole Baby Boom generation). Evidently some of his attitude has rubbed off...which makes certain items in the catalog of hedonism above all the more uncomfortable for me!