Monday, February 28, 2011

Target of Opportunity

B-2 Stealth Bomber.
Photo credit: U.S. Air Force
     One test of the vision of a leader is whether he can see when the world turns over. In case any leaders have missed it, the world is turning over. As should have been clear after about the first two weeks of demonstrations in Cairo, there is a wind sweeping the Middle East like a Saharan sirocco. It reaches from Tunisia to Iran, from ancient Carthage to ancient Persia. The stakes are enormous. If we act now, we might encourage just enough of the right people to resist the impending Islamist push and avoid losing the entire region to theocracy, terror, and a long, medieval dark. If we do anything less than just enough, and certainly if we do nothing but talk, we stand to lose the region, yes, but also we stand to lose whatever moral authority the world’s most powerful democracy still has in the eyes of nascent democracies worldwide. Of course, the region is not ours to lose. It is not ours at all. There is probably little we can do to bend the wind to our purposes, nor should we be approaching the problem as if we could. We must look toward this newer world order with hope and humility, accepting that we can no more rewrite the destinies of a dozen sovereign countries than we can get Wisconsin senators back on the job. But, the U.S. simply cannot sit idle while a dozen movements that describe themselves as “democratic” face the tanks and bullets of tyranny.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

DOMA in Danger

     In an excellent piece on Wednesday, Heritage Foundation writer Chuck Donovan makes the basic case for marriage:
The consequences of failure are staggering, and the contemporary United States, like so many other Western nations, is seeing those consequences firsthand. The effects of broken families are statistically significant across category after category – youth crime, child poverty, educational attainment, and adult mental health in the next generation. For taxpayers, the costs of family dissolution and, increasingly, the failure of families to form are distressingly high and growing. It would be irrational not to privilege marriage for the sake of these concerns.
     It is hard to decide which is more alarming, the latest danger to the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) or the fact that we need it even more now than we did when President Clinton signed it into law in 1996. The challenges to traditional marriage tend to assume we run no risk by re-making what has been a core institution of society. Moreover, the further decay of the family is apparently the goal of some of the Left. For them, the state is (or at least should be) ready to take on the roles of mother and father. When the family is no longer needed to raise children, who are better off as government wards anyhow, then we can play around with marriage to suit the fashion of the day. Personal expression, being true to oneself, being authentic—these are the code words of a lifestyle that places shallow hedonism ahead of all duty.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


     After some persistence, the Assistant Editor & Web Lackey was finally able to re-load the old posts with all the original comments.  Interestingly, immediately after re-launching the blog, there appeared some spam advertisements as new comments.  Consistent with policy, the staff has deleted them.

     A little more reconstruction remains to be done, primarily with the Issues page.  Soon enough the staff can get back to writing.

Saturday, February 19, 2011


     The Assistant Editor & Web Lackey has now finished re-loading all the posts from 2010.  Unfortunately, he lacks the skill to upload the comments as comments proper.  They do appear as text within each appropriate post, which is the best form of recovery possible with current technology.  And expertise.  New comments should track properly.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Despite the Best Intentions

     So, events have made a liar of your author.  The intent was to discontinue RESPVBLICA to make room for a new job.  But as events in Egypt show, the history we are all living continues to unfold in a fashion that demands discussion.  The great public discourse of the day neglects the historical perspective.  The Left continues to deny human nature, while the Right remains enthralled by superstition. There still seems room for this project.

     Postings will be less frequent than before.  But I find I cannot pull the plug just yet.