Thursday, November 8, 2012

The Long Campaign

As posted over at The Heathen Republican:

You're an honest man, Heathen. I was as optimistic as you and I'm probably equally disappointed. On the other hand, look how tough the job was for Romney: A career moderate, he tried to run as a conservative at a time when conservative values are in decline among the population. Conservatives will continue losing elections until we change the culture. If we move to the middle to attract more votes, we will become second-rate Leftists. The growing Leftist consensus in the country will always pick the real thing over a Republican moderate. Rather than move ourselves to the center (which has shifted Left), we have to move the center back to us. To do that, we have to take back the education establishment and the entertainment industry. We have to help the Leftist news organs along the way to obsolescence. We have to neuter the unions. Eventually, once we regain the power to do so, we will have to take back the judiciary. Such a campaign will take probably two generations to accomplish. Time to begin.


  1. An interesting response. It reminds me of something Oscar Wilde said. 'The artist should never try to be popular. Rather the public should be more artistic.'

    Best of luck with shifting the centre of political gravity.

    1. You're probably right. A quixotic plan. Still, I think we either try this or watch the politicians abandon conservative principles as they move even further left, chasing votes rather than moving them. The other options are even less appealing. Some are talking of secession. Others seem to want to bring on the crisis, so as to get through the turmoil as quickly as possible, presumably with the idea that only a full collapse will clear away the nonsense and permit a new polity on conservative principles. I see the collapse as the gateway to tyranny, not renewal. That, anyway, is the historical pattern.