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Evolution: Quintessence of Dust

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Foreign Policy: The Dangerous Appeal of Appeasement; The Continuing Appeasement of China; Target of Opportunity

Gays in the Military: Dodging the non-Draft

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Rights: Reports of My Death are Greatly Exaggerated

Same-sex Marriage: The Last Straw, the First Post, Parts I & II; DOMA in Danger; About the Kids

Welfare: National Health Service Sinks Royal NavyWhere Have All the Flowers Gone? To Paris; British Also Demonstrate Over Budget Cuts


  1. Does anyone know, how does the conservative secular crowd view spanking, and corporeal punishment? Thanks.

  2. Mr. Mitchell, I cannot speak for anyone else, but in my experience as a parent, spanking children (maybe especially boys) is rarely, but definitely, necessary. If saved as an infrequent but sure response to the worst behaviors, it is a valuable tool.

  3. Update: Having completed a review of Biblical religion, I find I can no longer endorse many of these old posts.