Skeptical Conservatives

      Skeptical Conservatives is a loose affiliation of web sites and blogs, both rookies and veterans, that share a conservative outlook without religious faith. Affiliates must adhere to no strict set of principles.  Some of us are more friendly toward religion, for example, while others are less.  We are all more or less right-wing nonbelievers.

The Atheist Conservative

Conservative Tendency

The Heathen Republican

RESPVBLICA: On the American Republic

Secular Right 

The Spirit of Man

Sub Specie Æternitatis

     As noted above, not all affiliates agree on every detail.


  1. Do you self identify as an atheist, agnostic, secular humanist, or something else altogether?

  2. ockraz, labels are tricky, but I think I can sort it out this way: Regarding any specific religion, whether Christianity or Islam or Shinto, I am an atheist. That is, I do not believe in any god I've ever heard of. Regarding the possibility of some as-yet-unknown higher power, I am agnostic. Another way to put it would be that while I'm pretty sure all religions are false, I have insufficient information on the ultimate question of the origin of the universe. By the way, religions may be false in their claims about creation and yet still be dead right about human psychology.

    1. Update: Whether or not religions are right about some aspects of human psychology, I have come to believe they subtract far more than they add to human happiness. The lie is not golden after all.