Sound Bites

Marcus Aurelius:
“The man of ambition thinks to find his good in the operations of others; the man of pleasure in his own sensations; but the man of understanding in his own actions.”
Jacques Barzun:
“The welfare state cannot avoid becoming the judiciary state.”
Roy F. Baumeister:
“There are almost no women ever on Death Row. Is anyone calling for some affirmative action there?”
Robert Bork:
“Modern liberalism tends to classify all moral distinctions it does not accept as hateful and invalid.”
G. T. Christie:
“To a great extent, a bull market is just a stampede.”
“Liberalism is the ability to call a spade a heart.”
Richard Dawkins (regarding literary Postmodernism):
“We do not need the mathematical expertise of Sokal and Bricmont to assure us that the author of this stuff is a fake.”
“No man is free who is not a master of himself.”
Milton Friedman:
“The ultimate operative unit in our society is the family, not the individual.”
F. Carolyn Graglia:
“Contemporary feminism has predicated its war against the homemaker on a rejection of traditional marriage.”
James Joyce (as Stephen Dedalus):
“...but yet it wounded him to think that he would never be but a shy guest at the feast of the world’s culture and that the monkish learning, in terms of which he was striving to forge out an esthetic philosophy, was held no higher by the age he lived in than the subtle and curious jargons of heraldry and falconry.”
C. S. Lewis:
“We laugh at honour and are shocked to find traitors in our midst.”
“The language which can with the greatest ease make the finest and most numerous distinctions of meaning is the best.”
Dennis Prager:
“The bigger the government, the smaller the citizen.”
Thomas Sowell:
“...the goal of a far less important than its consequences.”
“Abstract people have an immortality which flesh-and-blood people have yet to achieve.”
“We are skeptics because we cannot believe in God, but we are conservatives because we cannot doubt human nature.”
“A government that does everything for you is the same government that can do anything to you.”
“Tradition comprises the experience of a people.”
“If it wasn’t rape, she had a choice.”
“If the self is an illusion, who is being fooled?”
“The hallmark of naïveté in foreign policy is the belief that peace will come from pacifism.”
“We must rule ourselves, or we will surely be ruled.”

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